The most delicious and easy Cimol Bandung recipe

Recipe of Cimol Bandung-the food originated from the city of Bandung is now not only sold in the city of Bandung alone. Cimol, which stands for the Gemol ACI, has a good taste and is often a running trade sold in front of the school. The basic ingredient of this typical Bandung cimol recipe is the kanji flour, which with the starch makes the cimol feel supple and tender.

The most delicious and easy Cimol Bandung recipe
The most delicious and easy Cimol Bandung recipe
Well if you feel the trouble of buying a special cimol Bandung, now you can also make Cimol Bandung at home Loh. By using this cimol cooking recipe of course you can try to make it at home. Let's try and follow the recipe and step how to make this cimol Bandung. Cimol Bandung Ingredients

60gr Rice flour
210gr starch
150ml hot water
1/2tsp baking soda
1/2tsp Pepper Powder
Specialty ingredients Cimol sauce Bandung

250 ml water
6 pieces of cayenne pepper
2tbsp granulated sugar
1tsp salt or taste
50 gr brown Sugar already combed
3-4 tbsp Javanese tamarind water
3-4 clove garlic mashed

Easy steps how to make Cimol

The first step in making cimol is to make a dough consisting of a mixture of starch, salt, rice flour, pepper powder, warm water then turn up to expand and taste thick.
Add baking soda and stir until blended.

If the dough is ready, take a little dough and make a small circle the size of the meatballs or smaller then fry the circle until cooked.
While frying, cook the sauce ingredients specifically for cimol as well.
Well, Cimol is already finished and the sauce is already finished. Ready to be served.
Pray first before eating.

Thus the recipe Cimol Bandung is so practical and easy how to make it. Traditional Cimol Snack Recipes Bandung You can make yourself easily at home for a meal with friends and family. It's easy and of course practical? The presentation can also be done in a dry manner that only by sprinkled spicy spices or salty or sweet flavor on it.

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