Tasty Tuna noodle recipe

Mie Cakalang recipe-At this time we want to share a noodle recipe again, no other noodles from Manado are Mie Cakalang. If you ever go to Manado, it is not afdol if you have not tasted Mie Cakalang. Cakalang fried noodle recipe which is very easy to get various kinds of ingredients and easy to cook it. Broadly speaking like cooking noodles in general.

Tasty Tuna noodle recipe
Tasty Tuna noodle recipe

The kinds of ingredients needed in this recipe of Cakalang Manado Noodle is not difficult but also not easy. It's easy to get hard. Depending on the intention there must be a way. The special thing about Cakalang fried noodles is the presence of skipjack tuna. This slice of skipjack tuna makes the flavor of the noodles more delicious and delicious. The aroma also tastes tempting. Well already a advisor? Let's start following the ingredients and how to cook skipjack noodles easily.

Cakalang Noodle Recipe Ingredients

250 GRM Yellow Noodle
100 grm smoked skipjack fish meat
Cooking oil
50 grm Sprouts
1/2tsp Pepper Powder
1/2tbsp soy sauce
5 Large red chili peppers and puree
Salt to taste
1/2tsp chicken broth Powder
Cow Meatballs 5 pieces
Mineral water

How to make Mie Goreng Cakalang special Manado

In the first step make noodles until cooked and drain.

Next cut small skipjack smoked fish. So also the meatballs in the iris become small.

Afterwards puree spices and ingredients such as shallots, garlic and big red chilies.
Then heat the oil and stir-fry the seasoning until the fragrant scent comes out, add mineral water that has been mixed with the broth powder.

The next step is to enter the boiled noodles and meatballs are small and then add a little salt, pepper powder and soy sauce to taste.
Well if it feels like it is fitting dilidah, add also some bean sprouts and smoked tuna.
In the last step, when the noodles have tasted ripe, lift then serve in a plate.
Mie Goreng Cakalang Typical Manado ready to serve. Eat while it is still hot.

That is how the typical Cakalang noodle recipe and step to cook, is it easy? It may be a bit difficult to prepare the fish. Unlike catfish sold everywhere. But surely you can get it. Well so a brief description of Cakalang fried noodle recipes may be useful.

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