Practical young coconut Kopyor ice recipe

The young coconut Kopyor ice recipe-after with the bananas Ijo ice recipe, this time we will discuss the sweetest iced drink recipes. A young coconut kopyor ice recipe which is very enthused by various circles. Es Kopyor is very suitable for drunk especially in the summer and running out of sports. The pros of Kopyor ice are especially liked for their sweet taste and a variety of tastes. To be able to buy is not difficult, because there are very many who have sold it.

Practical young coconut Kopyor ice recipe
Practical young coconut Kopyor ice recipe
One of the causes of this drink that is a favorite is the presence of young coconut fruit that has many benefits. There are many benefits for the health of this coconut, so this drink is highly recommended especially for Iftar. As we know that the ice-sold Kopyor is always mixed with sweet syrup, thus adding a very strong sweetness. Well for those of you who want to make a young coconut kopyor ice can try with this drink recipe that we made.

Young Coconut Kopyor Ice material

1 Fruit Coconut Kopyor
2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 1/2 tbsp cocopandan syrup
Young coconut water to taste
1 pack for
Salt to taste

How to make young coconut copyor ice

First we have to do to make this ice kopyor is to pour the first agar into the coconut water that has been prepared.

Then you can add a bit of salt and sugar to taste. And cook in vessels with small flames. Stir until evenly.

When cooked, you can lift it and pour slowly slightly and evenly on the container that has been given ice cubes.

The final step is to add the syrup that has been prepared and now the young coconut ice kopyor is ready to be served.
You can also add like bread or fruit.

Well that's like that of a young coconut kopyor ice recipe and step how to make it. So easy is not it? If you do not get a young coconut fruit can be replaced with another so that the Jelli. Although not with young coconut, but the taste is still very delicious. You can use your favorite syrup to get a unique variety of flavors. Don't forget share and comment yes. Hopefully useful.

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