Instant noodle recipe Kuah Milk Specials

Instant noodle recipe Kuah Milk-instant noodle is the most food we often eat. Because it's so easy to cook instant noodles. Just need a few steps instant noodles are ready to be eaten. Also, instant noodles of various brands sold everywhere. No wonder instant noodles become a Primadona whereas happy or hard. But don't mostly eat instant noodles, because it's not good for health. Keep eating a nutritious Food 4 healthy 5 perfect.

Instant noodle recipe Kuah Milk Specials
Instant noodle recipe Kuah Milk Specials
Well on this article, we want to share instant noodle recipes of delicious and practical milk. Well what is the taste if coupled with the milk gravy. This noodle soup is suitable for you who are bored with a monotonous flavor. The taste of instant noodles tends to be that. Maybe in the future can make instant noodle recipes of Chicken Rica rica or others. For the noodle recipe this time enough with milk first. Curious right? Let's see how to make instant noodle in this dairy.

INGREDIENTS Instant noodle milk

1 Pack of instant noodles
Sausage to taste
1 sheet Cheese Slice (Optional)
200 ml liquid milk
1 egg Chicken
The fresh green Sawi/Ijo (Optional)

How to make instant noodle soup

Boil the water in a pan until boiling. Then enter instant noodles on the pan. Stir slowly. Wait for the noodles to mature or half-cooked.
Fry eggs while cooking instant noodles.
Prepare the seasoning in the noodles, use only enough. If there is oil/soy sauce then discard or save only.

Remove the noodles and remove the boiling noodles.
Put noodles in a dish that has been filled with spices, eggs, and sausages.
Make milk with hot water. Put in glass only.

Well now noodles and milk water is ready to be mixed. Milk water dose adjust only. Or add little by little when eating.

That's how to make and recipes instant noodle in this dairy. As for instant noodles can use any brand and taste, but it is great if with Indomie fried instant noodle. For milk can use any brand but with white milk only. If you want to try, do not have chocolate milk. And all the risks you can taste yourself ya. Don't forget to share and comment the instant noodle soup of milk you have here.

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