This is the typical Sambal Ijo recipe for Padang food

The recipe of Sambal Ijo Padang does make an appetite for added and taste because the pedals are very steady. Who is not familiar with sambal ijo typical Padang? It feels really not perfect if going to Padang restaurant without tasting a very distinctive green sambal. It is very steady, especially with the sour flavor that is found from green tomatoes which is suitable with all kinds of Padang cuisine that is rich in coconut milk.

This is the typical Sambal Ijo recipe for Padang food
This is the typical Sambal Ijo recipe for Padang food

Sambal cabe Hijau is a unique sambal, where her appearance looks rough which is different from the soy sauce that diiris-iris a part of the branch. But the sambal is indeed a lot different which is still rough and looks the original form of the branch. That is a characteristic, and not too long, we prepare recipes and how to make the typical green sambal of this field.

Recipe Ingredients Sambal Ijo

350 grams of Big green chili
60 gram Green cayenne pepper
5 shallots
Cooking oil to taste
3 garlic
3 Pieces of green tomatoes
1/2 tsp lime juice

Steps to make Sambal Cabe Ijo

First step, cut the green chili in advance & green chili pepper.
The rice, steamed and cooked chili pepper is mixed with onion, tomato, and garlic for 5 minutes. Raise when it is finished.

If you have seen wither, then grow the steamed material. Stir mix until flat when mashing/Uleg.
Prepare cooking oil and cook all ingredients until wither and smell fragrant aroma.
In the last step add sugar, orange juice and salt on the stir and then mix well and cooked.
The typical Padang-style Sambal Ijo is prepared. Eat with rice and side dishes while still warm.

The peanut sauce

Well, so how to make sambal ijo Padang quite easy. So if you want to enjoy the typical sambal of Padang there is no need to go to Padang or to eat typical Padang. With this recipe you can create your own at home.

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