How to make an ice banana in Makasar

The Iced banana ice recipe-one of the drinks that is quite interesting thirst is the special ice banana Ijo this Makasar. Well although I myself have never tried to buy it then I try to make it. So all I share the recipe and how to make this ice banana in which there is a lot of empty time. And what kind of recipes and how to make ice banana? Let's see for a moment.

How to make an ice banana in Makasar
How to make an ice banana in Makasar

Typical drinks originating from the town of Makasar is very tempting taste for tasting. How not to see at a glance the appearance of red water and additional bananas can be captivating thirst. Although this is a native ice banana from Makasar but there are actually many who sell in every area in Indonesia even there are also selling it abroad. Well let's imagine that this ice banana is mending and try to make it.

Banana Ice Material Makasar

4 fruit plantains and already steamed
Banana leaves to taste
100 ml mineral water
Ice cubes
50 gram white sugar/granulated sugar
10 Suji leaves
1/2 tsp salt
Cooking oil for spreads
400 ml coconut milk
350gram Rice flour
The syrup of Cocopandan
10 Pandan leaves

Complementary materials

100 grams of granulated sugar
60 grams of rice flour
1/2tsp salt
1 pandan Leaf Cut
1 liter of liquid coconut milk

How to make an ice banana in Makasar

Suji leaf mashed and puree also pandan leaves, then add water and refine and strain the water.
Combine the pulp of the sieve with coconut milk, rice flour, salt & sugar. Cook the ingredients with a small fire and stir until thick & cooked. After that chill.

Grease the surface of the banana leaf with oil then place the flour dough and flatten.
Put the plantains on it and then layer it with the flour dough. Roll like a lontong after it is steamed until cooked.

Mix the complementary ingredients evenly and cook. Stir until thick and lift and chill.
Cut the green bananas then serve with complementary ingredients and add ice cubes if necessary.
Pour the cocopandan syrup on it as a cover. And ready to be served

That's what you do in Makassar and how to make it. How to make it yourself is quite easy to practice but there may be constraints where there are some materials that are hard to obtain. But where there is intention certainly no way. Quite a few drinks recipes this time. Don't forget share and comment yes.

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