The peanut sauce

Come back again at which is this time we want to discuss about the chili fries recipe as in the last article. Well recipe this time blend sambal with anchovy and beans. This sambal recipe includes a much sought after recipe. Delicious spicy flavor with sweet salted anchovy makes the likes of the wider community. Very solid when in a warm meal with putiht rice in the morning. This tantalizing Aroma will also tempt a hungry stomach.

The peanut sauce
The peanut sauce
This anchovy chili sauce is like a simple dish, but its taste is very distinctive. In this sambal goreng recipe you can use various kinds of anchovy. However, we recommend the small anchovies because they have a prominent savory and salty flavor. In order not to be too salty, you can wash it first before frying it.

The nuts used on this recipe are ground nuts. Gorenglah as needed and choose a good one and don't take too long when fried or beans taste bitter and not fitting. If you often make sambal goreng teri beans, then please try our recipe that has some unique variations on the recipe this time. Using the selected ingredients and spices so that it will create a very special Aroam sambal goreng. Okay, let's make the anchovy sambal with the ingredients and the following steps.

Delicious Ingredients:

Anchovy 100 grams already fried
100 grams peanut
2 pieces of Salam leaves
2-3Cm Lengkuas
1/4 tsp salt
1tbsp brown sugar
1tbsp tamarind Water
Water 2 tablespoons ate sufficiently
Oil 1.5 tablespoons
The delicate seasoning Sambal Goreng Teri Beans:

4-seed shallots
2 pieces of Big red chili
Garlic 2 seed
1/4 teaspoon fried Terasi
4 pieces of curly pepper

Step how to make Sambal Goreng Teri beans:
Pour the spices in the soft with galangal & leaf leaves until scented.

Enter brown sugar, salt, plain water and tamarind water. Then stir fry and stir.

And add the peanuts and the anchovy that have been fried, and stir until blended.
If done, try to taste it and serve it on the plate.

That's the ingredients and recipes and how to make the peanut sauce fried chili which is very easy once. Try to get creative with the above recipe with the addition of seasonings or ingredients so that it can produce a fitting flavor. If you prefer spicy flavor then add the wedge as desired and vice versa. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share this article so that many who can make sambal goreng teri beans easily.

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