Sambal Pecel Lele Special Edition recipe

Sambal Pecel Lele Specials recipe-If you do not like the aroma of Terasi then the recipe of Sambal pecel Lele is very suitable for you because it is easily made in your home. This sambal recipe is a bit different from what is often found in places to eat but still has a taste that delights incomparable. Well on this occasion we will try to make sambal pecel Lele without using Terasi for those of you who are unhappy with the aroma that can make the intention of eating lost.

Sambal Pecel Lele Special Edition recipe
Sambal Pecel Lele Special Edition recipe
By making Sambal Lele is also delicious if eaten with vegetables such as basil leaves, cucumber and cabbage. Well let's start trying to make sambal pecel lele that deliciously without this terasi without having to get to the Warteg to buy its pecel Lele as well. Before we make Sambal pecel Lele, we first check what ingredients are already available in your kitchen. Do not waste if there is material that is not in the recipe list sambal pecel Lele, but keep it in advance who knows can be mixed with sambal pecel Lele. The peanut sauce

Ingredient Sambal Pecel Lele

100gram shallots
3 Pieces of red pepper
5 cloves garlic
Cayenne Pepper as needed
5 Candlenut

Brown sugar as needed
Flavoring as needed
Salt as needed
Steps to make Sambal Pecel Lele
First step, stir in the salt, brown sugar, and flavoring into the Cowet, kneectionary until it feels soft and smooth.

Cut garlic, onion, cayenne, red pepper, and hazelnut until light brownish.
Then lift and enter the ingredients that have been fried into the cowet.

The sambal is not too smooth.
Well, very easy once in making Sambal pecel Lele This is not it? Please be sampled in advance, if you feel less spicy, you can add some branches. Or if less sweet can add with a little sugar. So the recipe and how to make sambal pecel Lele is hopefully beneficial.

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