Delicious simple chili sauce recipe

Eating a meal will feel less delicious if without sambal for some people. The spicy flavor is very well-liked to be an attraction. Even for some culinary connoisseurs there is sambal in every dining table. If you are one of the sambal fans, it will be very familiar that in Indonesia is a lot of types and recipes sambal. Each has its own flavour. Well, in this article we should be as much as possible share about the chili onion recipe. Have you tried to eat with sambal Bawang? It tastes very typical a little spicy but savory. Actually there are many kinds of chili onion recipes. However we limit it with a standard chili sauce recipe with combination.

Delicious simple chili sauce recipe
Delicious simple chili sauce recipe

Sambal Onion Recipe Standard

Of this type of onion sambal standard does not use any other ingredients for extra. It can be said this is the basic recipe of sambal Bawang. Before making this onion sambal, then prepare some of the ingredients as follows:

Cayenne pepper 10 seeds.

Garlic 2 cloves.

Shallot 3 cloves.

Salt & flavoring flavor to taste.

Sugar as much as 1tbsp or to taste.

Vegetable oil as much as 2tbsp.

If all the ingredients needed are ready, then it's time to try making this delicious onion sambal. As for step how to make this onion sambal as follows:

First step wash all ingredients in advance.

Prepare the hoist & start smoothing Some ingredients such as cayenne pepper and onion and garlic. Add sugar, salt and flavoring into the ulectionary.

If it is already smooth, add the sugar according to the portions and again continue to kneet until smooth.

The final step, mix the hot vegetable oil into the hoist. Then mix the whole material so that it perfectly evenly.

Sambal Bawang is prepared.

Sambal Onion Recipe Variations

There are actually many kinds of onion sambal has an additional variation with some other ingredients to get a more delicious flavor. We take examples such as chili onion Pete, sambal bawang soy sauce, sambal bawang terasi and so on. Well on this occasion we would like to try to give a recipe of chili petis which guaranteed enjoyment. The peanut sauce

INGREDIENTS Sambal Bawang Petis

15 shallots seeds.

3 tablespoons vegetable oil.

25 grams of drawstring brown sugar.

2tbsp sour water or taste.

Then for the delicate seasoning ingredients as follows:

3 shallots seeds.

3 Beans red chili.

1tsp petis Powder.

1/2tsp salt.

4 Seeds of Candlenut.

How to make Sambal Bawang Petis

Preheat the vegetable oil in the frying pan & begin to stir the whole delicate seasoning. Cook until it secretes its signature scent.

Then enter the brown sugar shaved with tamarind water and also sliced shallots. Stir all ingredients until evenly blended.

Serve a petis chili sauce and please try.

Well, how to make sambal Bawang is not so difficult and practical is not it? You can try it easily in the kitchen. If you want to try other flavor varieties, and also do not hesitate to experiment on the above recipe with additional ingredients.

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