The most delicious simple blooming bun bread recipe

The simple blooming steamed bread recipe is a bread with a soft texture. It will be very delicious served with friends and family. Making steamed buns is also fairly easy. The required materials are also easily obtained. In addition to the soft texture, it is also very unique. A distinctive Aroma will be a treat to anyone. There are many people who are not able to be denied the steamed buns. And it is also always a long-awaited dessert.

The most delicious simple blooming bun bread recipe
The most delicious simple blooming bun bread recipe
For how to make simple steamed buns does not take a long time. The length of time is up to one hour only. It is suitable if you have a spare time that is not long. During cooking, you can still spare time. Well, how to make soft steamed buns? In order to produce good bread, it must collect the ingredients in advance. Here are the ingredients needed in making steamed buns.

Ingredients of steamed bread bloom

Wheat flour 270 grams

Eggs 2 grains or more

Cake Mold (optional)

Granulated sugar 300 grams

250ml fresh Soda

Baking powder 1/2 tsp

1 Spoon Salt

Emulsifier to taste

How to make simple blooming steamed buns
If you've collected all the ingredients to make this simple steamed bun, then the next step is to make it. Alright, please follow the guide of making the following steamed buns:

The first step to making blooming steamed buns starts with mixing some ingredients such as eggs, granulated sugar, emulsifier in one place. Then shake or mixer until it feels stiff.

Combine baking powder and flour in another container. Then shaken or in the mixer.

Then mix with a fresh soda and shake it. Ready to prepare other cooking utensils.

Once done, divide into 3/4 dough. Give the food coloring and leave one dough without coloring.

Next step prepare the mold for the bread and do not forget the paper.

Pour the dough that has the color first and followed by the dough without color. To make it look perfect. Give dye over dough without dye. You can also make a variety of variations.

Turn on the stove after finishing making dough. Then after the mold is finished all. Let's put in a steam and heat tool. Wait 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

The final step, prepare a plate or mat to be served to your family.

Such is how to make and recipe of simple blooming steamed buns that we can convey on this article this time. Hopefully useful and the next recipe mg. Thank you yes.

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