How to make and recipe of Bogasari sweet bread

Bogasari sweet Bread recipe-Currently there are very many types of bread that are sold in stores or supermarkets. This is not surprising, because whatever kind of bread is generally in demand by our society.

How to make and recipe of Bogasari sweet bread
How to make and recipe of Bogasari sweet bread
Bread can be used as one of the breakfast menu substitute rice. The taste is delicious, the soft structure, and the filling can be the hallmarks of bread. One of the types of bread that nowadays began to be widely favored by people of various types and ages is a sweet bread-style company Bogasari or commonly called Bogasari sweet bread.

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Therefore, in this article I will share Bogasari sweet bread recipe along with an explanation of how to make it in detail. For those of you who may have never made bogasari sweet bread, hopefully this article can help you to make this bread easily.

The main ingredients of Bogasari sweet bread recipe

To make Bogasari sweet bread according to the right Bogasari sweet bread recipe, you need to prepare the ingredients that I will mention below. These materials are easily found in stalls or shops located near from your home. The ingredients are:

• 225 gram flour Twin Chakra

• 225 gram flour Blue triangle

• 200 grams of ice water

• 12 grams of yeast

• 10 grams of salt

• 110 grams of sugar

• 90 gram butter/margarine

• 20 grams of powdered milk

• 2 grams of bread improver

• 1 egg yolk

• 1 whole Egg

• 20 grams honey

• 5 grams of Emulsifier

How to make Bogasari sweet bread

To get the result of delicious and tender Bogasari sweet bread, then you need to apply step by step the following Bogasari sweet bread recipe appropriately. As for how to make it is as follows:

1. Stir dry ingredients until all are evenly blended

2. Enter the egg yolks, eggs, honey, and water, then stir until all are evenly blended

3. After the Tecampur evenly, then enter margarine & emulsifier Stir until it is completely smooth.

4. Rest 5 – 10 minutes. Next cover with plastic.

5. Cut weigh more or less 7 GR, re-round.

6. Let stand 10 minutes.

7. Content according to taste (sausage, mesis, cheese, corn, milk, etc.)

8. Proofing approximately 30 minutes or half an hour

9. Burns with a temperature of approximately 2100 degrees for 5-8 minutes.

10. Completed and ready to serve

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So the article about Bogasari sweet bread recipe. Please practice the step by step mentioned in this article to get the result of making good bogasari sweet bread and to your liking. Do not despair if the beginning of the creation fails, because it is natural. All you need to do is practice and practice until you are completely proficient in making bogasari sweet bread.

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