Steamed bread pudding recipe using fresh bread

In this article, I will share the steamed bread pudding recipe using fresh bread. This article will help you make a delicious and crispy steamed bun pudding. As we have known together that nowadays steamed bread pudding has become a main breakfast and dessert served after finishing the main meal.

Steamed bread pudding recipe using fresh bread
Steamed bread pudding recipe using fresh bread
The steamed bread pudding can also serve as the main menu for breaking the fast. In addition, this bread can also be a food for a belly, which helps to relieve hunger for those of you who do not want to eat after opening until the completion of tarawih prayers.

The steamed bread pudding recipe uses a raw bread base that is rich in carbohydrates. Making steamed bread pudding is very easy and fast, it doesn't take much time to cultivate the dough and call it.

Ingredients for the steamed bread pudding recipe

The ingredients that need to be provided for the completeness of this steamed bun pudding recipe are as follows:

• 6-7 pieces of fresh bread. You can choose your favorite bread brand. In order to produce soft steamed bread pudding, make sure you only choose soft bread that is tender and good quality. Use all parts of the bread, including the edges and rough tears

• 5 Bananas Uli. Steamed or boiled this banana first and then sliced in a litter

• 200 grams of sugar

• 200 ml of pandan extract

• 250 ml of liquid milk. You can also replace it with coconut milk that is quite thick

• 1 tablespoon cornstarch that has been dissolved with 3 tablespoons of pandan water

• 50 grams of butter that has been melted

• 3 items of chicken eggs that have been shaken off

How to make steamed bread pudding

After all the above processes you have done, the final step on this steamed bun pudding recipe is to make it right to produce delicious and tasty pudding. As for how to make it is as follows:

1. After all the ingredients needed on the steamed bread pudding recipe have been prepared, start by taking pandan leaves and wash them until clean and cut into parts. After that the Pandan leaf blender with 250 ml of water using a blender, then filtered and set aside the water only.

2. Prepare a bowl, then enter the Pandan extract that has been blender previously with water and filtered, sugar, liquid milk, melted butter, cornstarch and beaten egg. Make sure you stir all ingredients until evenly blended by using a fork or spatula until the sugar is dissolved, then set aside

3. Then prepare a pan that is sized 20x20x10 cm. After that, look at the fresh bread that has been torn on the surface, and go on to arrange the banana stew on the surface of the bread, the last of the bread Its top. Do this process, until the baking pan is filled with bread and bananas. Make sure if the above surface is filled by fresh bread, not banana fruit.

4. Flush bread that has been completed by using a solution of egg and pandan. Make sure all the buns are affordable with the green fluid.

5. Let stand for approximately 15 minutes so that the green fluid is absorbed by the bread and banana, then put this pan into hot steamer, wrap it using a cloth-made steamer cover so that no water is seeping and dripping. Steamed dough pudding bread for 30-40 minutes or until the bread pudding cooked and become dense

6. Once the steamed bun pudding has been cooked, turn off the stove and remove it from inside the steamer. Next let it be briefly until the chill becomes cold then cut into the pudding and serve.

That's the recipe for steamed bread pudding using this fresh bread. To get good results, you need some practice and experience several times making it. So, don't give up if the start times make it you get less satisfying results. Good luck!

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