Recipes and steps how to make Burger bread easily

The original burger bread was a typical European and American food, which is now one of the best selling bread among Indonesian people. This burger bread can easily be found in stores and supermarkets in your city.

Recipes and steps how to make Burger bread easily
Recipes and steps how to make Burger bread easily

The burger bread tasted very tender when in bite and very tasty taste. You can make this bread as breakfast accompanied by a cup of coffee milk or a warm sweet tea because the bread is able to filling.

In this article I will mention the recipes and how to make the burger bread is tender and delicious. How to make it not too difficult and does not take a long time, and the ingredients are easily obtained in the market or in grocery stores. 

Soft and tasty sweet bread recipe and guide to make it
If you ask why you should bother to learn how to make burger bread and make it yourself if this bread is easily obtained in stores and supermarkets? The answer is because by making your own, the cleanliness of the bread is more assured and the taste is more delicious.

Ingredients to make Burger bread
Before you apply how to make a tender and delicious burger, make sure all the main ingredients needed to make the burger bread are available. The main ingredients are as follows:

• 1 egg, shake off

• 55 grams of sugar

• 390 grams of high protein wheat flour (eg twin chakra)

• 200 ml S/d 250 ml warm water

• 1 1/4 teaspoon fine salt

• 1 tablespoon of instant yeast. Make sure you are still fresh and check carefully the expiration

• 2 tablespoons butter or margarine

• White sesame enough for sprinkles

Step step how to make a soft Burger bread
To get the best results when you are making burger buns, make sure you really apply step by step how to make burger buns which I will mention below:

1. First prepare a large bowl, then add wheat flour, sugar and instant yeast, then stir evenly. Next add the salt, then stir evenly. Make a well in the middle of flour, enter warm water and then stir the flour with the fingers of the hand until the water is mixed, then add the beaten egg

2. Knead the dough until it is properly blended and lumpy. Add water a little if you feel the dough is still too dry. Move the dough to the surface of the flour-sprinkled table, knead the dough into a proof. The dough mark is already smooth when the dough is not sticky in the hands and feels elastic and soft. If the dough is too sticky, dip your hands in wheat flour and continue to knead the dough until proof

3. Add butter, knead back dough until the butter is well blended with dough. If you feel the dough is still mushy, then it is because the butter is not well blended. Keep kneading dough, until the dough becomes soft because the butter has been evenly. If you feel the need to add flour because the dough is still sticky, make sure the addition is not excessive. Do it just by dipping your hands into flour. Butter added dough will feel softer, supple and elastic

4. Round the dough into a smooth ball, place it in the bowl of the former kneading the dough. Grease the base bowl with butter to avoid sticking. Then close the bowl and let the dough to expand at least 2 times, which takes approximately 1 hour. It is worth noting that the calculation of dough time can not be used as a benchmark whether the bread dough has been inflated optimally or not. Because many factors that affect the growth rate of the dough such as the temperature, how to knead dough, as well as the type of yeast used

5. If the dough is considered to have grown maximally, deflate the dough to remove the wind. Then divide the dough into 8 or 9 parts with a weight of each dough about 90 grams. The easiest way to share it is to extend the dough and cut it into 8 or 9 parts. After that, round the dough by rolling it on the surface of the flour table using the palm of the hand. Then flatten into a disc with a diameter of + 8 cm wide

6. The dough is set above the baking sheet that was previously lined with bread paper, give the dough between bread as the toast will inflate. After that, cover the surface with a clean cloth and let the bread expand twice as fold. If you have inflated, spread the bread with butter if you do not want to sprinkle sesame on the surface, or apply with egg whites if it will be sprinkled with sesame

7. As you wait for the bread to inflate earlier, take advantage of the existing time by heating the oven set with a temperature of 175 degrees. Place the toaster shelf in the center.

8. Bake bread for 15-20 minutes, if the surface starts to look golden brown, immediately remove it from the oven and chill on the wire rack. For bread that is not sprinkled with sesame, grease again with butter to produce a soft-looking bread surface. Keep the bread in the sealed plastic tightly to maintain the freshness

Thus the article on how to make burger bread. It will probably take some time and some practice to get a result that suits your tastes and desires. Keep trying and don't give up. Hopefully useful!

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