How to make and recipes sweet ancient Bluder bread

In this article I will share simple ancient bluder bread recipes. This sweet bread is suitable to be used as a breakfast or dessert after the main meal. The taste is delicious and soft make this ancient bluder bread very favored by the community.

How to make and recipes sweet ancient Bluder bread
How to make and recipes sweet ancient Bluder bread
For those of you who are searching for business opportunities that have a great opportunity to best selling among the community, then the ancient Bluder bread can be one of the best choices for you.

How to make the ancient bread bluder very simple and fast. By following the step by step I will mention in this simple ancient bluder bread recipe, undoubtedly you will have no trouble to make the old fashioned delicious and tender bludor bread.

Ingredients of the ancient Bluder bread recipe

Before you start applying step by step on this simple ancient bluder bread recipe, make sure you have gathered the necessary ingredients in the making. The necessary ingredients are as follows:

1. Ingredients A

• 300gram high protein wheat flour for example Chakra

• 200ml UHT liquid milk

• 2 grams of instant yeast

2. Ingredients B

• 150 grams of sugar

• 10 egg yolks

• 50ml UHT liquid milk

• 5 grams of instant yeast

• 2 grams of bread impover

• 200 grams of high protein wheat flour e.g. chakra

3. Ingredients C

• 150 grams of unsalted butter

• 2 grams of salt

4. Ingredients D

These D materials are specific to the Olesan. The ingredients are as follows:

• 1 egg yolk

• 25 ml evaporated liquid milk mixed and stir into one.

Step using the ancient Bluder bread recipes to make delicious Bluder buns

If you want to produce delicious and soft ancient bluder bread, make sure you follow the step by step recipe of the simple ancient Bluder bread I will mention below:

1. All ingredients A mixed into one and stir using bread machine until it becomes proof, then let stand for approximately 2 hours

2. Beat the egg yolks and sugar until fluffy for 5 minutes. After that enter the flour mixture and the yeast bit by bit until it is exhausted, stir stir with a wooden spatula, then enter the milk bit by bit until well blended

3. Next put the dough on top (dough number 2) into the batter A, stir and knead back until fused. After that enter the butter and salt that has been melted. Next knead back with bread machine until the dough is smooth, then add wheat flour when the dough is felt not merged. Once done, let the dough expand for 40 minutes

4. After the dough expands for 40 minutes, hit the dough to remove the wind. Then divide the dough into parts that each section weighs 50 grams. Pour and let stand for 15 minutes, discard the wind again, milled dough, then fill with various kinds of contents according to your taste.

5. Put the dough filled and molded into the mold cup, let it expand again for approximately 2 hours.

6. Afterwards grease the surface of the bread dough with a mixture of egg yolks and liquid milk evaporated.

7. The last step is to bake the dough in the mold of the cup in the oven with a temperature of 180c for approximately 25 minutes to yellow and ripe.

8. After ripe remove from oven and ready to serve

That's why this simple ancient bluder bread recipe You can try to practice. If you are the first to make the ancient Bluder bread, the result may not be satisfactory. But do not despair, after practice a few times, undoubtedly you will succeed to make the ancient bluder bread to your liking.

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