How to make pudding and recipe Kraft cheese bread Easily

If you are a housewife who is pleased with cooking activities, then one of the food recipes that you need to try to make it is a recipe of Kraft cheese Bread pudding. One of the main reasons why you need to study this recipe is no other because the pudding Kraft cheese is very suitable to serve as breakfast in the morning and as a family snack in relaxing times. Meanwhile, if you want to open the cake stall business, pudding Kraft cheese Bread is suitable to serve as the main menu of your sale.
How to make pudding and recipe Kraft cheese bread Easily
How to make pudding and recipe Kraft cheese bread Easily

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Kraft Cheese is one of the cheese brand that has been known taste and quality. So no need to doubt how the quality of taste pudding bread using Kraft cheese as the main ingredient.

To make it easier for you to create these Kraft cheese bread pudding, especially for those of you who do not know how to make it, then in this article I will share the recipe of the Kraft Cheese toast with a step by step how to manufacture.

The main ingredients of Kraft cheese bread Pudding recipe

Before you start to make this Kraft cheese bread pudding, make sure you have collected the ingredients in advance according to the pudding recipe Kraft cheesecake below:

• 50 grams of cheese Kraft of the already diced cheddar

• 75 ml fresh white milk

• 3 pieces of fresh bread that has been minced

• 1 chicken Egg

• 2 teaspoons of beans or meises

• 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar

How to make Kraft cheese bread pudding

To get the result of a good pudding Kraft cheese bread and according to your taste, make sure you are following recipe Kraft Cheese Bread pudding and how it is making as I will mention below:

1. The first step you need to do on the recipe of the following Kraft Cheese Bread pudding is to make a chicken eggs mix with fresh white milk

2. After that mix the fresh bread you have provided before with the sugar

3. Enter the cheese kraft that has been diced with beans/meises

4. After all the dough is well blended, pour the egg into the dough and stir again evenly

5. Take the mold (can also use a small glass), then fill with the dough

6. Steamed dough for approximately 15 to 20 minutes until completely cooked

7. Raise and be ready to be presented to your family

So the recipe of Kraft cheese Bread pudding that I can share in this article. To get good results and suit your tastes, it takes a lot of practice and failure. So do not despair if you have a failure once or twice when creating it. Hopefully useful!

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