Soft and tasty sweet bread recipe and guide to make it

In this article I will share a soft and tasty sweet bread recipe as well as step by step making it. This recipe is very important especially for those of you who love to eat sweet bread but not good at making it.

Nowadays, soft and tasty sweet breads are widely consumed by the public and serve as breakfast. No wonder that nowadays sweet breads have been sold in stores big and small, as well as stalls on the roadside. Now you're no longer struggling to find this sweet loaf if you want to buy it.

By knowing the recipes of this soft and tasty sweet bread, you no longer need to buy it if you want to eat it. You can also make use of this recipe if you want to sell soft and tasty sweet bread.

Soft and tasty sweet bread recipe and guide to make it
Soft and tasty sweet bread recipe and guide to make it

Soft and tasty sweet bread recipe and how to make it

When you want to apply this tender sweet bread recipe, the estimated time you need to make a sweet bread portion of six people is about 1 hour 45 minutes to prepare the ingredients, as well as 30 minutes of cooking time. So the total time you need to make a soft and tasty sweet bread for a portion of six people is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The ingredients of the soft and tasty sweet bread recipe that you need to prepare are as follows:

• 400 gr high protein flour (can also use Chakra or Komachi)

• 100 gr of protein flour is

• 100 gr sugar

• 11 Instant Yeast GR (can use brand Fermipan or Saf Instant or Baker Bonus)

• 1/2 tsp bread i 25 gr Milk Powder Full cream (can also use Dancow milk)

• 2 egg yolks (if you want more gently wear 4 grain egg yolks)

• Ice water or cold milk to taste (provide 250 ml of ice water or milk) pour little by little, not to be used all, if the dough has a good swear, the addition of water stop (I only use 150 ml because it uses 4 egg yolks)

• 40 gr butter

• 40 GR Margarine

• 1 tsp salt

It should be noted that during the cutting, you must provide about 6 tablespoons chakra flour For additional (unused all). Do the addition of a spoon-by-spoon until you feel that the dough has tasted good, not too much because it can cause the bread to be hard. The ingredients for the spreads that need to be prepared are Evaporated milk or 1 egg yolks that are dissolved with 2 tablespoons water or liquid UHT milk.

As for step by step make sweet bread using this tender sweet bread recipe is:

1. Mix dry ingredients (wheat, sugar, instant yeast, bread improver, milk powder) until flat.

2. Input the egg yolks and mix with the hands until well then ice water little by little while kneaded, stop the naming if the dough can be fused and not sticky in the container.

3. Put butter, butter and salt, kneading until elastic-proof, round shape in a container that is spread oil so as not to sticky when taking, let stand 30 minutes or until the dough expands 2 times back and deflated.

4. Divide the dough according to taste (I weigh in 60 grams), rounding until the dough surface is smooth and the air inside it comes out, the mixture of dough into a solid smooth bending, rest 15 minutes.

5. Take a dough, milled flatten and fill, would empty also okay, shape to taste.

6. Proofing for 60 minutes, grease with evaporate milk or egg yolks, bake with a temperature of 175 degrees for 20-30 minutes, chill over the cooling rack.

7. After the bread is cooked, lift and ready to serve

So the article about sweet bread recipe is soft and tasty and how to make it. If you think this article is helpful, please share it with others by still including the article source link. Hopefully useful!

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