Recipe and how to make a typical grilled chicken Betutu Gili Manuk

Recipes and how to make a chicken Betutu Ala Gili Manuk-Welcome to our blog, well surely we want to share a recipe for friends who want to learn to cook for a beloved family. The typical Betutu chicken recipe of Gili Manuk is very famous. The delicious are so tempting and the smell is enchanting. Actually there are many kinds of chicken betutu, there is a typical Betutu chicken from Bali But in this occasion we will expose the chicken recipe typical Betutu tasty. For friends who eat chicken, well certainly not the chicken is still alive Yes, then this is the chicken recipe that should not be missed. Alright just suforehead a boring intro let's look at the following ingredients and chicken betutu recipe.

Recipe and how to make a typical grilled chicken Betutu Gili Manuk
Recipe and how to make a typical grilled chicken Betutu Gili Manuk 

Ingredients to make grilled Betutu chicken typical Gili Manuk

100 ml vegetable oil and cassava leaves, use fresh cassava leaves

1 The young chicken tail, grab all but the head and claw

One Piece of banana leaf

11 Onion Seeds

7 cayenne pepper to taste spicy

2 tsp coriander or taste

9 different red chilies with cayenne pepper

6 Seeds garlic clove

1 stem lemongrass, get a white part just then fine slices

1/4 or more grains nutmeg

4 pieces of orange leaf sliced leaves with smooth

2cm Ginger and galangal

2 tsp granulated sugar to taste sweet

4cm Turmeric and Kencur

2 tsp salt to add a salty flavor

Easy ways to cook a special Betutu Gilimanuk chicken in Bali

1. Ready and provide the cooking tools you have

2. Put and boil cassava leaves that have been prepared until tender.

3. After that the tiris leaves its singleted, refine then slice until smooth.

4. Add vegetable oil to the frying pan.

5. Prepare the seasoning and stir in the frying pan.

6. Take 1/2 or more of the seasoning and lubricated to the whole chicken body evenly.

7. Stir the remaining seasoning with cassava leaves, then slice until smooth and soft.

8. Add the seasoning that was stirring into the abdominal cavity of the chicken.

9. The chicken wrap was seasoned with banana leaf.

10. Steamed for approximately 40 minutes. Then lift.

11. Bake the chicken in the oven with hot 170 C for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

12. Wait until the chicken looks dry and cooked.

13. The last step presents the chicken Betutu and decorate.

14. Violaa, a chicken grilled betutu ready to be enjoyed.

Well, so some ingredients, recipes and how to make a typical grilled chicken betutu Gilimanuk Delicious. Hopefully the results you get satisfactory. If it still fails please try again. Are you curious about Gilimanuk's typical Betutu chicken flavor? Look forward to the next grilled chicken recipe yes. Do not forget to visit the original place.

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